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Rocky Schenck: The Recurring Dream - Lomography

Although a contemporary photographer, Rocky Schenck practices his artistry in vintage techniques and mediums, particularly with early 20th century Pictorialism and hand-tinting.

Dark and painterly, Schenck’s large photographs in the book and series “The Recurring Dream” are pictorial narratives on beauty, humor, isolation, death against a dreamy, surreal and cinematic. Schenck said:

“My dreams play a very important part in my life and in the creation of my work. I can usually remember my dreams—or fragments from them—and I look forward to going to sleep each night so I can begin the most unpredictable part of my day. Occasionally I translate my dreams into photographs with the help of old friends or total strangers who wander into my life. Dreams are like movies to me, and films have always been one of my great obsessions. When I create my photographs, it’s almost like I am shooting a ‘still’ from one of my cinematic dreams.”

Visit the on-going show The Recurring Dream at the Fahey/Klein Gallery in Los Angeles, California.