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Robert LeBlanc Presents 'Gloryland' at Fahey/Klein Gallery

GLORYLAND, Untitled #34, 2018


January 12, 2023

by Shawn Ghassemitari


Robert LeBlanc Presents 'Gloryland' at Fahey/Klein Gallery

Including a special book signing on January 27.

Robert LeBlanc has signed onto the roster of esteemed photography gallery Fahey/Klein and to celebrate, the Los Angeles-based photographer will unveil a solo exhibition specially dedicated to his recent exploration into the last remaining Pentecostal serpent-handling churches of West Virginia.

Made in collaboration with NFT marketplace SuperRare and art streaming platform Niio, Gloryland follows the Wolford family in their church in Squire, West Virginia, where they faithfully adhere to the King James Bible. As one of the few churches practicing serpent handling in the 21st Century, the congregation strictly adheres to the very embodiment of the Word, such as Mark 16:17-18 — which asserts that if believers truly carried the Holy Spirit within them, they could consume poison, handle fire or venomous serpents without risk of harm or death.

Gloryland will be on view at Fahey/Klein Gallery in Los Angeles from January 24 to 28. On Friday January 27, LeBlanc will also be signing copies of a new book chronicling the series. Meanwhile, for those looking to collect the NFT iterations of Gloryland, please visit SuperRare.