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Julie Blackmon - Artist Mom Captures Suburban Life In Whimsical Photo Series - The Huffington Post

Photographer and mom of three Julie Blackmon finds creative inspiration in her suburban surroundings.

Over the past 10 years, she’s photographed her family and neighborhood in Springfield, Missouri for a series she calls “Homegrown.” The photos combine the whimsical and mundane, as she gives scenes of everyday life an artful twist. 

“I was inspired by the everyday moments of my life, as well as my sisters’ lives,” Blackmon told The Huffington Post. “At the time, several years ago, it just seemed like I needed to document this time of our lives (and our children’s) in some way. But as I got into the work, I became more of a creator than a straight documentarian, and began to take more of fantastical viewpoint.”

The photographer said she wanted to capture something about the culture and time period in which her life existed. “Doing it this way also allowed me to look at the stress, chaos and darker subject matter in our everyday lives in a more lighthearted way,” she added.