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Janette Beckman taking over the Pilgrim Hotel, London

Rude boys Chuka & Dubem, London, 1981

Hero Magazine

Excerpt from Weekend Combo

Little Richard’s life on screen, Samuel Ross at White Cube and a wine rave in Hackney

28 April 2023



First time retrospective 
Janette Beckman may have photographed the likes of Joe Strummer, Boy George and Salt-n-Pepa but believe it or not she’s never had a solo exhibition in London until now. Currently taking over The Pilgrm Hotel, Beckman’s portraits offer a snap shot of generations gone by as her four-decade long career has been spent documenting underground subcultures from punk to hip-hop and everything in between. Although predominantly a documentary photographer, Beckman’s lens has also turned to campaigns for brands such as Dior and Levi’s as well as publications including The Guardian and Interview Magazine.

Janette Beckman runs at The Pilgrm Hotel until May 31st, more info here.