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Janette Beckman -- A Visual History Of Hip-Hop at Contact High by Annie Todd (Gothamist)

Janette Beckman

Salt 'n Pepa (Contact Sheet), NYC, 1987

A Visual History Of Hip-Hop at Contact High

This collection brings the viewer on a "journey through nearly four decades of photography, documenting a movement that impacted music, politics, race relations, fashion, and the culture at large." Comprised of nearly 150 works from 60 photographers (including Janette Beckman, Jamel Shabazz, and Gordon Parks), visitors can see outtakes from album art, such as A$AP Rocky’s LONG. LIVE. A$AP cover, classic photos of Queen Latifah, Biggie’s crown and the Dapper Dan jacket made for Rakim. “My biggest hope is that people actually think of this as a historic cultural movement,” curator Vikki Tobak said. “It really is such an all-American come-up story.”

ICP -- Running from January 25th – May 18th, 2020