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Gerd Ludwig: Dreamy Portraits of LA’s Cars as They Sleep at Night - Wired

THERE ARE AN estimated 7.5 million cars, trucks and motorcycles registered in Los Angeles County. During the day, they clog the 405 and the 10 and every other freeway. Come nightfall, they’re tucked away for the night, something that fascinates Gerd Ludwig.

The German photographer prowls the city in the wee hours, photographing resting rides for his series Sleeping Cars and even has an Instagramdedicated to the project. For the past seven years, he’s made pictures of cars “that speak to him” from the neon-lit curbs of Los Feliz Boulevard to the palm-lined driveways of Sunset Plaza Drive. He describes these cars as you might describe a person, and is drawn to those that “have a presence” and “command their own space.”