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Douglas Kirkland: A Life In Pictures

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Douglas Kirkland: A Life In Pictures

The Eye Behind the Stars


He laid in bed with Marilyn Monroe and played cards with Brigitte Bardot. Through the lens of his camera, Douglas Kirkland captured the intimate and authentic personalities of many glamorous Hollywood celebrities, spanning an impressive career of six decades. Now, in the special exhibition, A Life in Pictures at the Fahey/Klein Gallery in Los Angeles, his award-winning photographs will be on display to celebrate his legacy. From January 20th through February 24th, visitors can once again be transported to the golden age of Hollywood as told through the eyes of someone who knew it best.

Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Charlie Chaplin, Judy Garland, and many more. Douglas Kirkland didn’t just photograph these faces, he knew them. His iconic photography captured the real essence of his subjects, the joy, vulnerability, and introspection of each mind in front of the lens. This is what makes his photography so revolutionary, he had the ability to capture magical moments from these seemingly untouchable figures.

Starting from his early career, the exhibition includes an array of his famous photographs. Kirkland first studied at the New York Institute of Photography before moving to Canada to work as a commercial photographer. From there, his first big job was as an assistant to the renowned fashion photographer, Irving Penn in 1957. He would then go on to work for Look Magazine and Life Magazine, where he made his break as a celebrity photographer by capturing Elizabeth Taylor for the Life Magazine cover in 1961.

Kirkland’s exhibition is a celebration of his life and the many others he touched throughout his career. From his retrospective and revolutionary photography, his career as an artist will forever stand the testaments of time, acting as a reminder of history’s many unforgettable personalities.