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Chad Pitman - The Photographer Finding Beauty in Strangers’ Faces - AnOther Magazine

With the flurry of distractions inhabiting our modern lives, it’s easy to overlook the subtle beauty that’s scattered throughout them. In a photo series with the working title People, American photographer and artist Chad Pitman captures exactly this kind of heightened awareness, by zooming in on people and their idiosyncrasies. There’s a certain feeling of closeness that emerges from within when clinging to the details of those around you, whether it’s lingering on the expressive bend of a lover’s finger or pondering the striking scar on a stranger’s cheek. “How often do you get to look so closely at someone’s waist, their belt, their hands, their mouth?” Pitman asks us. “Only in the most intimate moments do you really go to look at that. Or maybe in the memories of these moments.”