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BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! in Los Angeles for Pride Month

The Little Black Gallery in London and the Fahey / Klein Gallery in Los Angeles join forces and present the exhibition at the Fahey / Klein Gallery in Los Angeles, with a social intent.

London's Little Black Gallery and Los Angeles's Fahey / Klein Gallery join forces and present the Boys! Boys! Boys! at the Fahey / Klein Gallery in Los Angeles, California until June 19, 2021, coinciding with the month of Pride.

The artists present are:
Matthew Finley
Tim Hailand
Florian Hetz
Serge Hidalgo
Paul McDonald
Manuel Moncayo
Lucas Murnaghan
Sebastian Perinotti
Xavier Samré
Stuart Sandford
Niv Shank
Michael Søndergaard
Tyler Udall
along with luminaries FAHEY / KLEIN
Ruven Afanador
Steven Arnold
Tom Bianchi
Greg Gorman
Paul Jasmin
List by Herbert
Herb Ritts

This group exhibition coincides with PRIDE Los Angeles and with the publication of the second issue of the new biennial magazine of the same title. Originally born to honor the Stonewall riots of 1969, today the month of PRIDE has come to commemorate so much more. This exhibition is intended as a celebration of the queer community by highlighting the artists whose work has come to define fine art photography. The exhibition will be in memory of Lucas Murnaghan, who tragically passed away in March and is a project by The Little Black Gallery , curated by co-founder Ghislain Pascal, to promote queer and gay photography. Social value is also deeply rooted in these works: the exhibition represents more than 67 photographers from 27 countries, including China, India, Iran, Poland, Russia and Turkey, where gay rights are repressed and queer lives are constantly threatened. There have been exhibitions all over the world, two out of print books and now a magazine on this subject with the same title. “We are so proud to bring Boys! Boys! Boys! to our friends in Los Angeles to celebrate Pride. It offers our photographers the opportunity to exhibit their work to a new audience alongside such extraordinary luminaries ”. says Ghislain Pascal, co-founder of The Little Black Gallery. "We will continue to push boundaries and build a large market for queer art photography."

In the opening photo: Heart by Matthew Finley

Boys! Boys! Boys! - hosted by The Little Black Gallery