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BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! Exhibition

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queer and gay: BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! exhibition

From 10 to 13 June, Los Angeles will kick off the LA Pride Festival & Parade in the West Hollywood neighborhood. To pay homage to the great queer and gay community, the extravagant as well as revolutionary and exclusive The Little Black Gallery takes the best of its successful BOYS photo collection overseas! BOYS! BOYS! (debut which also coincides with the release of the second issue of the magazine of the same name).

Where is it? At the Fahey / Klein Gallery in Los Angeles (148 N. La Brea Avenue Los Angeles). "It is a unique opportunity for our artists, because in this way they have the opportunity to make themselves known and exhibit their photographs to a new audience", explains Ghislain Pascal, co-founder of The Little Black Gallery. He who, with LGBT, has always put the spotlight on the extraordinary work that the queer and gay community gives life to and that in his own way has defined the Fine Art Photography that we all know today. And it does so with a portfolio of more than 67 photographers from as many different countries around the world, including China, Iran, India, Poland, Russia, Turkey etc., where for the most part gay rights are not for the moment recognized.

BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! is at Fahey / Klein Gallery Los Angeles, a group exhibition hosted in conjunction with The Little Black Gallery London, from May 27 – June 19.