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Press Release

Ellen von Unwerth
Made in America

November 7th, 2013 through January 4th, 2014
Reception for the Artist: Thursday, November 7th, 7-9 pm

The Fahey/Klein gallery is pleased to present a selection of photographs from renowned photographer Ellen von Unwerth in her exhibition, “Made in America”.  The exhibition revels in the uniqueness and originality of Americana imagery  by extoling the concept of Hollywood personalities and pop culture icons it has produced such as Marilyn Monroe, Lolita, Bettie Page, and even Barbie and Ken. 

Crafting cinematic scenarios for her shoots, Von Unwerth invites viewers to come along on a rollicking adventure. By furnishing each of her subjects with a new persona to inhabit for the day, she allows their inhibitions to melt away. “The atmosphere on my shootings is fun,” von Unwerth said in 2011. “Almost like a party.” (Virginia VanZanten, “15 Years of von Unwerth,”, 2011).  As any great hostess knows, spontaneity is key. After casting each player in his or her part, von Unwerth simply stands back and lets their tale unfold. “When you put on a pair of leather hot pants and you’re sucking a lollipop with Ellen von Unwerth,” the Canadian supermodel Shalom Harlow once told Vogue, “you’re not the same person that you woke up as in the morning.” (Robert Sullivan, “Working It! Shalom Harlow,” Vogue, 2003).

The exhibition showcases the starlets, musicians, and models making headlines today such as Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Chastain, Evan Rachel Wood, Elizabeth Olsen, Paz de la Huerta, Madonna, Rihanna, and Kate Upton - all of whom have entrusted Ellen with the task of creating edgier, sexier images with unabashed confidence.  “I think that women open up more to a female photographer,” she has said. “It’s like little girls playing around. You can be a bit naughty and do things you wouldn’t do in front of boys. It’s more relaxed somehow. I think it’s an empowering experience.” (Alice Wyllie, “Interview: Ellen von Unwerth,” Scotland on Sunday, 2009)

Ellen Von Unwerth’s introduction to the world of photography began in front of the lens as a model.  She transitioned from model to photographer first by taking reportage style shots of her friends, and while traveling. Both of these elements add a depth, authenticity, and originality to Ellen’s images.  Her work transcends sexy fashion images and instead begins to represent a modern, confident and totally unique approach to photography.

Ellen Von Unwerth’s work has been featured in numerous magazines and publications including Vanity Fair, Vogue, and Interview. Along with creating editorial and Fine Art work, she continues to produce dynamic short films, direct music videos, and create successful advertisement campaigns for Chanel, Victoria’s Secret, and her now iconic work for Guess.  Ellen’s latest Taschen publication, “The Story of Olga”, is an erotic photographic story played out with Ellen’s signature provocative images and an elaborate cast of sexy characters.

Ellen von Unwerth’s photographs have been exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide.  Ellen von Unwerth lives and works in Paris.  

Press Images Available Upon Request.