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Press Release

Bastiaan Woudt



February 2, 2023 through March 18, 2023

Exhibition Reception: Thursday, February 2nd

Book Signing: Saturday, February 4th


The Fahey/Klein Gallery is thrilled to present Bastiaan Woudt’s inaugural solo exhibition in Los Angeles, “Cadence”.  The works on view are a collection of photographs representing the oeuvre of Woudt’s fine art output of the past decade. 

Bastiaan’s work is a 21st century perspective on the 20th century traditions of fine art photography.  His distinctive point of view is directly influenced by the photographic masters of yesteryear, while his monochromatic imagery is wholly contemporary.  His modern approach to keeping the tradition of portraiture evolving is evident through his use of flattened depth of field and two-dimensional perspective. Bastiaan’s photographs do not start with mood boards or tear sheets, instead he moves with his subjects in a pre-defined space to find his photograph.  By maneuvering in this manner, he allows the image to reveal itself.  Artists have photographed the body and person since the invention of the camera.  Bastiaan Woudt’s unique perspective finds new ways to see the human form.

With charcoal tones and elegant compositions, Bastiaan’s photography feels like stepping into a modern space filled with light and shadow that dance elegantly. You'll find a hint of surrealism through his use of sober shades that invite the viewer to explore the essence of the photograph. His work is minimalistic yet moving, playing with the beauty of imperfection to push the traditions of portraiture. He honors this tradition while exploring how modern in-camera methods and post-production can elevate the style of today.

Bastiaan Woudt was born in Alkmaar, Netherlands and spent his youth in the night clubs and underground raves of Amsterdam.  While always being a fan of clean classic imagery, Bastiaan picked up a camera later in life.  Drawn to the medium first by a desire to record his family and others around him, he quickly became consumed with image making.  Not long after those initial photographs Bastiaan decided to dedicate himself to the photographic medium.  In the past decade he has published 7 books and been featured in numerous magazines.  His work has been exhibited in numerous galleries and museums, such as Fotografiska and Museum Kranenburgh.  In addition to his artistic pursuits, Bastiaan is also an entrepreneur. A love for photography books and elevated aesthetics inspired him to start his own publishing house – 1605 Publishers – which is a platform for emerging and established artists, and a publishing house for photographic books and objects.

Bastiaan Woudt’s hardcover monograph, Rythm, (1605 Publishers, 504 pages; $125), is available for purchase at the gallery while supplies last.

Press Photographs Available on Request