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Press Release

Alex Stoddard: INSEX

June 23rd through August 6th, 2022

Exhibition Reception: June 23rd, 7pm – 9pm


The Fahey/Klein Gallery is proud to present Alex Stoddard: INSEX, a solo exhibition of works by emerging artist Alex Stoddard. This exhibition is a celebration of Stoddard’s debut publication and marks the artist’s first cohesive collection of work - and first exhibition at the Fahey/Klein Gallery.

The photographs from INSEX explores the parallels between metamorphosis in the natural world and human coming-of-age. Through staged, highly stylized images, Stoddard invites viewers into a colorfully dark world of budding sexuality and crawling insects. This series of previously unreleased images paints a surreal picture of adolescence in a glorious frenzy of buzzing hormones and sprouting wings. The works on display were created over a span of (5) years in locations around the world. Each constructed scene features a youthful subject, often Stoddard himself, in a state of change or paired with a many-legged counterpart. 

Alex Stoddard was raised in rural Georgia. Inspired by his surroundings and rural isolation, he began taking self-portraits as a teenager. Photography became a means of escape, allowing him to construct elaborate scenes and step into the role of different characters through costumes and posing. Stoddard's work is highly influenced by art history in the digital age. He explores concepts of fantasy and surrealism within portraiture, as well as the human form and its connection to nature. He is entirely self-taught and relies on his eye and natural instinct when creating. His method of image making is characterized by simple compositions that frame more meaningful, universal themes. Stoddard’s work has appeared in numerous publications including: Universal Republic Records, Columbia Records, Art Week, Juxtapoz Magazine, Rangefinder Magazine, and Refinery 29.

Alex Stoddard’s hardcover monograph, INSEX, (Kerber Verlag, 128 pages; $57), is available for purchase at the gallery while supplies last.


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