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A Los Angeles native, Brendan Pattengale is a photographer with a painter’s eye for color and

composition. Pattengale is constantly in pursuit of broader horizons, seemingly untouched

territories, explosive vastness and depths allowed by unraveling landscapes through his field of

vision. Most recently in May of 2019 he has shown in London at The Store X in an exhibition

titled “ Look Toward Another Land , curated by Carrie Scott. Furthermore, he has shown at the

Fresno Art Museum in “ California Nature, curated by Joseph Belloli (January-July 2018).

Lastly, Pattengale has been exhibited at Fahey/Klein Gallery (February 2017) in Los Angeles.

Pattengale received his BA in Studio Art from the University of California at Davis and has

dedicated the past decade to mastering photographic techniques and examining these in

relation to nature. He has recently been commissioned by GQ Magazine(June 2019), featured

in DestinAsian Indonesia(July 2019), GUP Magazine(May 2019), and Topic Magazine(January

2019). In addition, his fine art has been reviewed in the Los Angeles Times, LALA Magazine

and Lenscratch Magazine. In 2017, Pattengale was selected as the Juror’s Choice Honorable

Mention photographer of Review Santa Fe’s The Project Launch, awarded by Christy Havranek,

Photo Director of the Huffington Post.