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Future Feminine: The World Though a Female Gaze - Metal Magazine

Displaying artworks made by a cast composed entirely of women, the exhibition Future Feminine at Fahey/Klein Gallery in Los Angeles will explore how are themes like beauty, sensuality, femininity and power portrayed through the female lens. From January 18 to February 24, discover the mesmerizing works by Prue StentAmanda Charchian, and more.

From the sensual young couples portrayed by Magdalena Wosinska to the theatrically made-up and dressed characters in Remy Holwik’s photographs, the exhibition promises to be a window to a new world, a new dimension where a group of five female photographers use their voices, cameras, and unique sensitivity to show a point of view rarely seen: the one of women. In a male dominated world, where the female body is objectified and women’s sexuality criminalized, these six artists – coming from Sydney, Los Angeles, and Poland – will give new meanings and ways of seeing breasts (and their censored-by-Instagram-and-Facebook nipples), human relations, beauty, and colour pink.