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Press Release

Steve McQueen

July 13 through August 31, 2002
Opening Reception: Saturday, July 13, 2-4 p.m.

The Fahey/Klein Gallery is pleased to present William Claxton's photographs of Steve McQueen, one of the most compelling actors of the Twentieth century. This exhibition contains formal portraits, as well as images of McQueen with his motorcycle buddies, his leading ladies, and fellow actors. The photographs, in this exhibition, are also reproduced in Claxton's most recent publication, Steve McQueen. (Arena Editions)

William Claxton's unique photographs "capture the young, controversial American actor in the beginning of his movie career during the 1960's. Claxton's photographs confirm that McQueen's all-American, offbeat good looks were every bit as stunning as his acting and his often-stormy off-screen personality. McQueen continues to be an icon for the youth of yesterday and today. Often labeled as a maverick, a rebel, a tough guy, a loner, and a daredevil, McQueen was, above all else, an American original…Claxton, who worked and played with his pal for over a six-year period of time, has captured on film not only McQueen's talent and perfectionism, but also his tender, sensitive side and his puckish humor. The actor rarely revealed his most appealing characteristics publicly, but did so in the presence of his close friend." (Arena Editions)

"Steve McQueen will always remain his generation's ideal of the red-blooded, blue-collar American alpha male. In this collection of breezy yet intimate behind-the-scenes photos of the brooding star…it's Claxton's achievement that when we do see McQueen without his boy toys, he captures the unguarded shy kid inside." (Entertainment Weekly)

"It's obvious that Dad trusted William Claxton very much. "Clax," as Dad called him, has told me that he was constantly fascinated with his tough guy, often secretive and daredevil qualities; but most of all he admired his cool and hip personality…Clax and Dad both loved fast cars and took many trips together. Their relationship was unique and trusting. Otherwise, these moments could not have been recorded on film for all of us to enjoy." (Chad McQueen, Malibu, April 2000, Arena Editions)

William Claxton is best known for his Jazz photographs taken in New York and Los Angeles. His images of Jazz musicians are included in: Jazz (Twelvetrees Press, 1996); Claxography, The Art of Jazz Photography (Nieswand Verlag, 1999); Young Chet (Twelvetrees Press, 1999); and Jazz Seen (Taschen Publication, 1999). Claxton's fashion photographs can be seen in his publication, The Rudi Gernreich Book (Rizzoli Publications, 1991).