Amanda Charchian (b.Los Angeles 1988) creates work with a feminine sensuality that is simultaneously epic and erotically charged.  Her work captures the intensity and intimacy of the interaction between photographer and model.  She approached her 2012-2015 body of work entitled “Pheromone Hotbox” with these key constructs in mind; that the subject be a female contemporary artist, foreign to the setting (a Sri Lankan across in Cuba, a Serbian furniture designer in Costa Rica, a Chilean painter in Corsica, etc), that there be no plan for the imagery other than it is shot nude.  The act of undressing became integral to the process, heightened by adrenaline at the intersection of fear and excitement.


An exhibition of 2015’s “Pheromone Hotbox”  in NYC culminated into the artist’s first fine art monograph on Hat & Beard Press/Dilettante Paper in 2016.  This series takes the viewer on a journey across the globe, Charchian’s nudes captured in an array of unexpected locales, such as Iceland, France, Costa Rica, Morocco, and Israel. 


For her ongoing 2017 series “Seven Types of Love,” Amanda is furthering her photographic exploration of intimacy through relationships as categorized by Canadian psychologist John Allen Lee.  In images of “Agape,” a selfless and spiritual love of the soul, we see a crimson moonscape and in another, a floating mouth emptying an ectoplasmic substance through pink water.  Two blue eggs held by chained gloves over a woman’s pelvis describes “Pragma,” a practical love founded on duty and reason.  For “Eros” a glimpse into two intertwined lips illuminates the modern construct of romantic love.